Malta Real Estate: 3 Ways to Save with Quick Move-In Townhomes

July 5, 2016

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Looking for Malta real estate? Smart move. Malta is fast becoming one of the most desirable places to live in the Capital Region. With more than 3,000 jobs added to the area since 2009 by GlobalFoundries alone, the Malta real estate market is heating up. That’s great news for Malta, but it can make shopping for Malta real estate more challenging. Fewer homes on the market and more buyers in the market can add up to a higher price for a new home.

But don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Our quick move-in townhomes offer a smart alternative to Malta real estate that’s easy on the wallet.

Here’s how:

“They Offered How Much?”

Have you ever experienced the heartbreak of finding the perfect home, only to have it slip through your fingers because another buyer outbid you?

When it comes to Malta real estate, the best homes and locations are in high demand. That means that when you find the home you love you could be competing against other buyers – and that can drive up the final price you’ll pay.

When you buy a quick move-in home, however, you can bypass all the overbidding and competing with other buyers for the most desirable homes in the most in-demand neighborhoods. It’s an easy, low stress way to lock in your price. (At Malta Springs, you can still lock in phase one pricing for a limited time.)

“Oh, That’s an Interesting Color”

Everyone has their own unique sense of style, and it may be very different than yours. Finding Malta real estate that checks all the boxes for your perfect location may require making expensive compromises. Resale homes that require a kitchen renovation, updated plumbing or electrical, or extensive repairs can quickly make that home that seemed like a “great deal” feel like a costly mistake.

With a quick move in home you get all of the advantages of moving right into a completed home with nothing to repair, renovate or replace.  In fact, your home is under warranty for a full year.

Kiss That Lawn Mower Goodbye

If you’ve ever had to landscape a backyard, install or maintain a pool, or purchase a new lawn mower then you’ll love the money-saving convenience of a quick move-in townhome at Malta Springs.

With four floor plans that range from approximately 1,484 to 1,931 square feet, the townhomes at Malta Springs feel like living in a single-family home but without the budget-busting big yard.

How can a quick move-in home help you buy smart? Visit our Sales Center to learn more about pricing and availability for all quick move-in homes. But hurry! Only a limited number of homes are available for quick move in.

Download our free brochure for more information about the townhomes at Malta Springs including features, current availability, and pricing.


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